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Well done

My Surgery
After several months of intense research and investigations regarding my dental condition and the restoration options I was offered. I walked in to the Westcoast Dental Clinic (WCDC) earlier this week to begin the first phase of my treatment plan as proposed by my specialist of choice Dr. Andrew H.F. Tsang (Managing Director of the WCDC)
Literally, my search for a suitable clinic and a skilled dental advocate to assist and support me with my complicated and serious dental issues has been unfolding for years.
As a young man in the early 1970’s, I sustained an injury where three of my front teeth were knocked out of my upper jaw. That incident was the beginning of a long, often tedious, uncomfortable and costly journey through the world of emerging dental technology. My situation was exacerbated by a genetic - paternal pre-disposition to gum disease and a challenging bout with rheumatic fever at the age of 6.
I was treated by many dentists during my youth, as a teenager and throughout my adult life. Through routine cleanings, fillings, braces, root canals, removable and fixed bridges, periodontal disease, multiple infections, bleeding and swollen gums, root scaling’s /deep cleaning, splinting procedures, receding gums, gum grafts, bone loss, loose and lost teeth. I have literally seen it all and felt it all or so I thought?
I did my best with my personal home care over the years and achieved some miraculous results, but it only prolonged the inevitable. Which culminated just days ago with the extraction of 13 lower teeth! Many of which were seriously loose, while others were lingering on the edge of time with my precarious symptoms of advanced bone loss and deep root exposure! The extractions were immediately followed by the strategic placement of 6 implants and an attached complete set of lower teeth, all in one morning. How’s that for a miracle of modern dentistry! The technique is commonly known in the world of dentistry as “The-All-on-Six” technique.
This breakthrough treatment option has been around for quite a while. The All-on-6 dental implant technique utilizes only six implants per arch, whereas traditional implants utilize anywhere from six to eight implants, or more, in each arch. The implants of the All-on-6 procedure are also placed at an angle, which allows for increased contact by using the natural support of your bone. In addition, the All-on-6 procedure requires no bone grafting for most patients, which is common in traditional implant procedures. Therefore, All-on-6 dental implants save time, money, and discomfort. Note. The same information applies for the All-on-4 technique which is actually more common. In my case because of the bone loss I’ve sustained, Dr. Andrew recommended the All-on-6 technique and treatment plan for me for greater stability and durability.
Published studies show a 98.5% success rate using All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implants. The ideal candidate for the All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implant procedure is someone who is currently wearing dentures or who will need dentures in the future. Age doesn’t matter but dental implant candidates should be in good health.
I have literally been to dozens of dentist, periodontists and dental specialist! Some good, some not so good and a few that were outstanding, in my quest for healing treatments, advice and general support for my specific dental concerns and needs. All of the dentists I consulted, with the exception of one, informed me that I would not be a good candidate for implants without significant and very extensive bone grafting. The thought of a time consuming, grueling, bone grafting scenario vs dentures or potentially being physically exempt from implants altogether was a bit scary and understandably depressing. Finally destiny, highest good and good fortune joined forces and intervened in my life, and the dental advocate I had been searching for, for what seemed to be a lifetime was found! Dr. Andrew’s reassurance, sensitivity, incredible dedication/professionalism, tremendous experience and skill in the realm of implantology, osseointegration and cosmetic restoration was just what I was seeking in a specialist to treat my progressing issues.
I received 3 extensive oral examinations and careful, caring, analysis of my personal case by Dr. Andrew prior to my planned procedures. That was supported with clear, concise information provided by several CT scans (including the last one literally minutes before my surgery), a complete set of X rays, a full set of impressions and extensive blood testing to determine if there was anything floating through my body that would limit my chances of experiencing the successful integration of 6 implants in to my lower jawbone. Needless to say when I arrived for my scheduled surgery at 9:00am this past Monday morning, I felt relaxed, optimistic, and assured. That my tireless research, investigations and years of anticipation had led me to the very best clinic and the most conscientious, capable and skilled dentist I could imagine advocating on my behalf.
Within minutes after my arrival at the clinic I was ushered in to the surgery room where I was met by not one but two Anesthetist’s. They were summoned to guide me toward peaceful, painless slumber. So Dr. Andrew could perform the planned procedures associated with the first phase of my treatment plan without interruption. Earnestly like a maestro orchestrating a symphony, he began the first of multiple extractions, followed by the perfect placement of my implants. Using his consummate skill’s and focused intent to provide me with the best care possible, just like I was promised. His performance was masterful.
When I awoke post-op approximately 3 hours later, I was swollen, a little uncomfortable and a bit groggy as expected but otherwise fully present. I was welcomed by Dr. Andrew and the staff with smiles and positive affirmations that all went well. A few minutes later I was informed that my temporary bridge and combination splinting device to secure all the implants together would be ready in short order.
My synopsis was as follows:
My surgery was nearly flawless in every way and I can’t imagine it going any smoother! My thanks and appreciation to Dr. Andrew and the entire Westcoast International Dental Clinic staff for a job well done!
Philip York

đã đánh giá
Đánh giá 2489 ngày trước
Professional denstist

My family and I have been coming for nearly a decade to Westcoast. The treatment is professional and facility spotless. Many our family from Canada and Australia fly in for their dental care.

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